Q: Do I need to have a bank account?
A: No, a bank account is not required. No credit check…No minimum income requirements. You can use your CEMAKard™ Prepaid MasterCard® card on its own or as an alternative to having a bank account or better than a credit card, with a prepaid card, you have peace of mind, as you can only spend or withdraw the amount you have made the decision to load …and that is available on the card.
Q: How long does it take to get approved?
A: Approval is quick and easy, generally within 24 hours, Delivery time on the card may vary depending on the shipping method called upon at the time of the application as well as the accessibilty of the address submitted and the various delivery methods
Q: What fees will I be charged?
A: Here at CEMAKard™ we strive to deliver value and we have priced our products to fit our cardholders budgetary concerns. We have created a product that is economically used making the CEMAKard™ Prepaid MasterCard®, your card of choice for your every -day purchases. Please consult www.cemakard.com or www.cemakard.mycardplace.com/cholder/ for a complete listing of fees.
Q: How can I get money from my card?
A; Your money can be withdrawn from the card at any ATM showing the MasterCard® and Cirrus® Brand marks. Your card can also be used at any retail location of the same designation or money can be obtained at any convenient agent location near you.
Q: Where can I use my card?
A: You can use your card for online transactions wherever MasterCard® is accepted, over 24 million locations worldwide. It can be loaded and reloaded, again and again, so it's ready when you are! You can use your card anywhere PIN or signature transactions are accepted. It also enables you to withdraw funds from millions of ATM’s worldwide giving you immediate access (to your pay check for example, were applicable
Q: Can I use the Card on the internet?
A: You can use your card for online transactions wherever MasterCard® is accepted as a form of payment. Note: Avoid using the card to register online for free trials. After the trial period, many companies start to charge your card through automatic billing.
Q: How do I check my balance?
A: Checking your balance is is simple and easy. Just go online (for free) to www.cemakard.mycardplace.com/cholder/ to check your balance or you can call +237-3360-1422 (Cameroon) to consult with a customer service agent. Alternatively you can go to our conveniently located agents for an updated balance to your card
Q: How do I load money on the card?.
A: You can transfer from your e-wallet account or arrange to have your paycheck conveniently deposited onto your card by your employer. You can have the option of loading funds through our website www.cemakard.com or cemakard.mycardplace.com/cholder/ or by calling our customer service line at +237-3360-1422 (Cameroon) You can also load your card by seeking out one of our conveniently located Agent locations near you.
Q: What time on pay day can I withdraw my pay?
A; You will have access to funds from your card at the opening of business on payday or at 9:00 a.m. (PST) – please note that the timing of this process is tied to the process and timelines used by your bank.
Q: Can I receive my PIN (personal Identification Number) and PASSCODE?
A; As a cardholder, your card will have a pre- set and temporary PIN which is the last four (4) digits of your day phone number you provided on your application for the card. Please note that you must change the PASSCODE and select a PIN by calling customer service at +237-3360-1422 (Cameroon)
Q; Can I choose my own PIN and PASSCODE?
A: Yes. You are free to change your PIN and PASSCODE at any time by calling the customer service number at +237-3360-1422 (Cameroon). Please note that, your PIN and PASCODE cannot be the same four (4) digit number initially issued.

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